Marcos Burial Protest Failed To Impress

  1. The Marcos burial protest failed to impress and it failed miserably. Shaking my head at the brainwashed students who were fed with the lies of Paid Yellow Media, Paid Yellow Newspapers, Commies and the Yellow Aquino Textbooks since elementary days. They can’t even fill the Luneta Park or cause some heavy traffic because there’s only a handful who showed up and they can’t fool the majority of the masses to join this bigotry, even the protesters in the provinces can be counted using only your fingers and that’s pitiful to say the least. Cory Aquino’s Democrazy is a complete failure in the sense that corruption (after President Marcos regime) didn’t end nor cease in her administration, or even in Fidel Ramos’ administration, or even in PNoy’s term. This so called Black Friday Protest against the Marcos  heroes burial is a complete failure and slap in the faces of those who organize this laughable event. How many people supports and already forgave the Marcos family? Count Bong Bong Marcos’ 2016 VP election results and you’ll know we are the silent majority. Period.



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