Mar Roxas Wants His Feud With Rody Duterte To End Into A Fistfight!


Mar Roxas Rody Duterte Fistfight.

It’s a shame that Philippine Presidential candidates would engage in this silly kind of word war. One belongs to a wealthy family in the Visayas and trying too hard to convince the poor that he is a “Mr. Palengke” and an extention of “Daang Matuwid,” and the other was a cursing, womanizing, son-of-a-b*tch tough-as-nails Mayor of Davao city.

* It all started when Mar Roxas said that Davao city being tagged as “the safest city in the Philippines” was just a myth.

* Presidential hopeful Rody Duterte felt insulted and retaliated by telling everyone that Mar Roxas was telling a lie when he said that he graduated from Wharton School of Economics. It was a myth according to the mayor.

* Rody Duterte even said that he would slap Mar Roxas if they ever meet. The Davao mayor thought Mar Roxas was behind the rumors that he has cancer.

* Mar Roxas obviously irate at Duterte’s bullying said that he would not engage Duterte in a slap match. He instead challenge Rody Duterte into a fistfight! “Ako galit ako sa mga bully. Galit ako sa mga nagsasamantala. Galit ako sa mga naghahari-harian. Galit ako sa mga taong akala nila sila lang ang kapangyarihan dito sa bansa natin.” He even gave his residential address to Mayor Duterte and said he will be waiting for him to show up. “Gawin mo na lang kung anong gusto mong gawin. At sampalan? Bakit pa sampalan, pambabae ‘yan, suntukan na lang? Di ba? Simpleng-simple lang ito.”

* The question now is this, will the tough talking Davao city mayor be up to the challenge? Or hide in cower with his tail tucked between his legs?

* I don’t know if Mayor Rody Duterte was just baiting Mar Roxas to expose his true self by losing his cool and being a hot-headed prick on national tv. I have no idea, but these men needs to face each other in a formal debate like gentlemen and not like two bickering school girls.

Netizens what do you think?


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